Alloy Wheel Repair and Care Training in Barnet

I offer three different days to suit customers of varying experience:

Observation day

You will spend a day beside me as I go about my normal routine. The work carried out will be for genuine paying customers. At no point will you carry out any physical work yourself. By standing beside me and observing the working process you will be able to see so much more than in a "training" environment. You can ask me any questions about anything work related and I will give you honest and frank answers.

If you are looking to set up or buy a business or franchise in the wheel repair field, and have little or no experience, then this is vital. This is one to one! You will not be sitting in a room fighting for "air time" with the instructor. Questions will be answered as they arise and not allowed to evaporate as new questions come up. I will be able to advise on materials, advertising, accounting, employing staff, insurance, franchises etc. If you have a firm understanding of any subject we will not waste time going over covered ground but concentrate on giving you the information you need to make big decisions that can make or break a new start up business.

I really enjoy this day as I love company and love to talk. If you are about to spend a large amount of money on a new set up then this day is a must. I am sure that this experience day is invaluable and could save new start-ups thousands by avoiding costly financial decisions.

This day is about 7 hours long. There is no format. I will try to organise the work to be as beneficial to you as possible but this is genuine work. No rehearsals!!!

I charge £350 for the day.

Practical training day

This is exactly what it sounds like, a day of training using my equipment. We can start with the basics or concentrate on specifics. This is on a one to one basis so it is tailored to your needs. You will get as much attention from me in one day as you would get from several days in a large group. The idea is that you will go away and practice what you have learned. Then, if you need to sharpen up on anything, you can have another day or half day to perfect your skill. This is aimed at someone with the ability to practice at home, i.e. you will have some basic equipment.

I charge £250 for 3 hours or £500 for a day (7 hours).

Set up day

This is simply a tester for people that are about to go "live". If you have a van or unit set up and are about to embark on paying work, I will spend half a day with you making sure that you have everything in place and that everything is up and running. This will involve running through and completing a wheel repair to make sure that you are confident and ready. Hopefully you would have been on a few practical days and will be well versed in what is required, so this day may not be necessary but it takes months to normally get things settled and my aim is to reduce that time considerably!!

I charge £250 for half a day (3 hours).

I have tried to set these days up to give you the maximum benefit for your time and money. I have over 12 years’ experience in wheel repairs. I hope that, by spending time with me, you will learn from my past mistakes and gain from my hard earned success!

I look forward to seeing you!