SMART Repairs

The acronym SMART stands for "Small/Medium Area Repair Technology". The system was originally established on car production lines to deal with knocks and scrapes that happened pre-delivery. It has been developed over many years and, if used as intended, gives as good and permanent a finish as body shops or factories. There are limitations but, if used correctly, the system allows for repairs to be made quickly and conveniently without any compromise to quality or longevity.

The damage to the Jaguar XK wheel pictured above can be repaired perfectly without the need to be completely repainted. The colour match is exact so there is no need to have all four wheels repainted/refinished if they are undamaged.

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If you are based in Stanmore, Enfield or Potters Bar and your car has suffered an unfortunate scrape, why not give Alloy Wheel Care a call on 07769 685144? Just think, after a SMART repair, your pride and joy will be back to its former self!