See below the step by step process we carry out to complete a high quality alloy wheel care and repair service in areas including Stanmore, St Albans and surrounding areas.


*Images are required so that we can populate this page.

I’d like to take this opportunity to show you a work in progress; the images below illustrate a repair job from start to finish.

Image 1

Here you can see horrible staining under the lacquer. This all started with a tiny stone chip that broke the surface.

Image 2

This damage is caused when the wheels are balanced. The fitting that clamps the wheel cracks the inner edge of the badge seat and water combined with air causes the alloy to react.

Image 3

Closer inspection of the damage

Image 4 

I have polished out the stain on the edge and spoke using varying grades of wet and dry paper.

Image 5 

Areas are prepared and lightly dusted in a fine silver to cover the wound and blend to the surrounding area.

Image 6 

Job done!