Alloy Wheel Repairs Enfield

When it comes to style, a set of gleaming alloy wheels can make virtually any car stand out from the crowd! Many motorists take great pride in their alloys, but when unfortunate scratches and scrapes occur, it's important to find a professional repair specialist who can get the job done at the right price.

My name is Stuart Richardson, and for the past 10 years, I have provided a convenient, affordable mobile repair service for scratched or kerb damaged wheels with Alloy Wheel Care.

I can visit you at your home or place of work and will promptly restore your wheels to excellent condition. Thanks to the professional results delivered for clients, I have come to be regarded as one of the leading alloy specialists in Enfield.

The key to my success lies in the SMART repair method. I am trained to utilise this innovative technique, which was originally used on car manufacturers' assembly lines to repair damage from scrapes to cars that occurred before delivery. When used correctly, this industry trusted technique can restore wheels to factory condition in most cases.

Unfortunately, I cannot repair alloy wheels that are buckled, cracked or corroded.

I am fully Public Liability insured, so you can use my services with complete confidence. When it comes to alloy repairs in Enfield, Alloy Wheel Care is the name you can trust. To find out how we can help with your repair needs, get in touch with us today.